The Spirit of Nashville

This week a terrible string of tornadoes whirled through middle Tennessee. Nashville was hit hard and so were other areas nearby. It was so sad, 25 lives were lost, many were injured and, hundreds of homes were destroyed. I texted a buddy the morning after the tornadoes came through and asked him if he wanted to join me in ministering to the affected area. I knew some people that lost everything and I figured I could stop at the store and pick up some essentials to help out with the disaster areas. This is the story of what I saw and what God did to Nashville and to my heart this week as told through my TikToks because that is what I use for video editing on my phone. There hasn't been much time to document simply because there is so much work to be done. Day One: starts out like I said with by former student, now intern and great friend in Christ who helped me every single day. I made a video to brag on him for everything he was doing as a young man following Jesus. It also s

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Getting Excited About Stuff

So I have some updates! Ministry: AH MAZIN we have so many middle schoolers running around now it is hard to keep up with them. They have created such a family environment in all of our middle school meetings each week! I am so proud of them. Church is still building yada yada yada everything is great! Lots of Baptisms this year and I am hoping to see some more lives changed as we get into some of our longer trips like Ski and TNT. Personal: Daughter turned one last week!!!! I love the way she has changed my life for the better. I also have a little one expected in two more months! The little boy doesn't have a name yet but what he does have is a place in Kari and mines' hearts. Biness: I am continuing on the path of building tables but right now I am focusing on dining rooms and not as much on carpet ball. I am launching a new store in franklin for one of the businesses I own on October 31st!!! WOOT and I am continuing to blog we just reached over 1,000,000 hits on this

Worthless (by Jon Allen)

Today I spent so much time working on STUFF . I started the day sharing with my Co-Workers what Bible Verse Guides My Life. We talked about our insecurities and what we believe. Lately I have been thinking about what really matters to me in this world. I keep focusing on getting ahead, when I am not even sure what that means anymore. Its like this: Even if I get the dream home for my wife. I can put my baby girl in the best school and save up tons of money for her to go to college. I can make it so that my wife and I can retire without a care in the world. What do I really have? Why is it so important to me to get to the finish line? I'm tired. I mean it. I am tired of letting my goals in life get in front of what God wants to do . Come On , do I really believe that God wants nothing more than for me to have a great 401k plan? Tonight I talked with my teen group about being authentic.   Tonight I challenge myself to stop being selfish. What Really Matte


The only way to truly FAIL  is to stop trying to succeed. That's how I feel these days. I am often known for doing some quirky things, but sometimes I think that may be my best attribute. Yeah sure I say some dumb stuff sometimes and I do some dumb stuff too. If I was to allow those things to define me or to stop me from trying then I would be missing OUT on the actual keys to success. Try hard and when you fall down get back up until nobody can knock you down anymore....

Carpetball Rules

How To Play Carpetball Each player begins by setting up their billiard balls behind the line. Each player may choose how they set them up. The defending champion rolls first. The objective of the throw is to knock as many of the opponent's balls into the pit as possible. The challenger then rolls with the same objective. Rotate back and forth until one player has no balls left. If the challenger is left with no balls first, then they have one final chance to take out their opponent's balls. If the champion runs out of balls first, they are immediately eliminated and a new challenger enters the game. If the challenger manages to strike back and knock all of the champion's balls from the table they both place one ball on the table and have a sudden death runoff with the same rules as before. Each time the game ties both players add an extra ball until all balls have been placed back on the table. Any ball that flies off of the table shall result in the thrower losing


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