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My Dog the TV star....

Gambit my one and only canine love is the star pug in a new dog food commercial. Gambit to this day serves as a strong reminder that my wife is always right. The story goes like this: As a child I grew up with a minimum of four pets in the house. When I was really little it seemed great. I soon realized that pets were a lot of work when I turned 12 and they suddenly became my responsibility. It was around this time that I decided that I did not want to have pets as an adult, they cost money and they took to much time and energy to maintain.... Soon enough I met and fell in love with a wonderful lady named Kari. She had always had a pug in her life and could not imagine living life without one. I tried to appease her by offering to buy her some other low maintenance pets. We first started off with a sugar glider. The first week she seemed so happy just to have a pet. But as time went on I could tell she longed for more. I remember I went off on a youth retreat and came back and Ka