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November Journal Entry

Hey, it has been a while since I have posted an actual journal update for my ministry: SORRY.... Let me first say in the spirit of the season, that I am very thankful for my ministry, church and friends. God has really blessed me with so much and I can't give thanks enough for that. This month or so has been quite busy. Kari has been very sick lately but another praise is that the doctors finally found out what was wrong with her and she has been getting better every day. The youth ministry has been doing great. We have had a bunch of new faces become regulars on Wednesday nights, making for fun times and great discussions. We just finished with Extravaganza Athletics last week which was a blast. I had two girls compete in table tennis and they had a Williams sisters moment when they had to play each other late in the tournament. The loser walks and the winner heads straight to the championship match. This was tough to see twins compete against each other because no matter what

My Thoughts on Joe Paterno and the Penn State Scandal

Students are quick to riot.... Good is supposed to trump evil but no matter how much good someone does, the bad stuff can never be made right by any amount of good stuff... You have to accept the consequences for the bad stuff and trust that over time people will still respect you for the good things you have done. You may never make it right but people will respect you more in the end if they see that you put the welfare of others over your own reputation. It isn't all Joe's fault, but the situation was not handled correctly and he was part of the leadership. We look to our leaders to be able to take moral stands even if it may hurt their reputation or even end their careers. Truth be told, this was probably going to end his career even if he had handled it the right way in the first place, but how many children could have been saved? That's the part that is hard to swallow... How could this happen for so long... IMO everyone that knew has guilt on their hands, Joe just