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Setting Hearts On Fire: Fanning The Flames (by Laura Milner)

 This story comes to us from Laura Milner originally posted on her blog . A fire must be tended to, there has to be someone keeping an eye on it, keeping watch and fanning the flames. Even the most well-built fire will burn out if there is no one stoking it. For this reason, I am reminding you to fan into flames the gift of God that is within you … 2 Timothy 1:6 You can never have too many Fire Stokers. Fire Stokers are the people in your ministry that come along side teens and love them , encourage them and build them up in Christ. Fire Stokers see the gifts in them and help them to be the person God created them to be. Fire Stokers are Disciple Makers! Fire Stokers are most often behind the scene hero’s. They are there when you need them and just have a knack for connecting with teens and build long-lasting relationships. I am blessed to have several amazing Fire Stokers in my life. They call and text me to see how I am doing, they know what to say to encourage me. The

See Soul Surfer (by Jon Allen)

My buddy Jason and I took our youth groups tonight to see the movie "Soul Surfer". It was a great time. The reason I recommend you take your youth group to see the movie can be summed up in one word: Priorities. The story is amazing and the acting is great, but everything seems to sink away as you are drawn into the world of this teenage girl. Her hopes become the viewer's hopes. It builds a sort of straw man in a way. You as the viewer also buy into the dream of her becoming a professional surfer. All the while she passes by opportunities to focus on the "real" important things in life.   Through all of the scenes that will make you cry, eventually you will begin to pull for this great surfing family. The entire family, guided by their faith in God, begins to see order being birthed from the chaotic waters. After the movie is over, your teenagers will be asking themselves some of these questions: What is really important to me in life? How can God use me to

Drive By Blogging (by Jon Allen) Part 2

What is a Drive By Blogger? Someone that is using an internet blog to defame, misrepresent, damage, or bash someone's reputation or work. They do this in a way that provides little to no accountability for what they are saying. Sometimes this is even done totally anonymously Why is it bad? Although this type of blogging may result in higher view counts than other forms, it is bad in general because people will say things from behind a computer screen that they would never in a million years say to someone's face. Why is it worse for Christians? Christians are charged with a very unique and difficult task. We are to spread a message of love and acceptance, while remaining bold and certain of our doctrines. Historically Christians have had to balance being defenders of orthodoxy against heresy, blasphemy and idolatry; while still displaying Grace in a world whose traditions, understandings of God and standards are changing constantly. So when we are given a medium such as