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The World I May Never Know

Standing Out Today I took a tour of a place in downtown Nashville. Kari and I are looking for a rental property and we found this triplex building that is up for sale in Nashville. I asked my real estate agent if we could see it and she warned me about how scary a part of town it was in. I vaguely remember the feeling of being scared of an area from when I was younger. I haven't felt that way in a long time. I thought that perhaps as I entered this place today I might have those feelings again.  My real estate agent was meeting with some other clients in town from California to purchase a new home so she sent one of her co-workers to let us in. I could tell that right off the bat she was timid about the area and the situation.  It didn't bother me though because that is what I would have expected. I got there a bit early to begin checking out the neighborhood, as well as to make sure that the agent did not have to be there alone. As I drove around seeing some of

Middle School Problems - Part 2 (by Jon Allen)

One of the major issues that plagues most middle schoolers is the issue of dating! Thus I shall contribute my 2 cents on the issue in this weeks edition.   Middle School Problems: Dating We all know that the early teen years can be rather awkward. I have found that in my experience dealing with this age group that there is absolutely no more awkward a time to deal with the issue of dating than middle school. Teens usually have about three things on their mind when it comes to dating. First: Attraction..... A young teenager begins to deal with the issue of attraction. This can lead to the desire to date. My advice on this is don't do it. First off you are likely to develop a crush on someone. That doesn't mean that you should date them. I had a crush on Taylor Swift, but if I had dated her in middle school, something tells me that I would have a terrible song about me as a number one country hit.... What I am trying to say is that, dating your crush in mid

The 20 Best Modern Vampire Films

The 20 Best Modern Vampire Films by  JustJonAllen   The requirements to make this list: Includes a type of vampire. Made after 1990. Showing all 20 Titles Sort by:  List order Title A-Z US release date # ratings IMDb rating Your rating MOVIEMeter Date added     View:      1. Let the Right One In   (2008)   9 / 10   Oskar, an overlooked and bullied boy, finds love and revenge through Eli, a beautiful but peculiar girl. (115 mins.) Director:  Tomas Alfredson Stars:  Kåre Hedebrant ,  Lina Leandersson ,  Per Ragnar ,  Henrik Dahl Add to Watchlist “  This film is not in English. It is still better to watch this version with the voice over than to watch the English remake. This film shows us that even the best vampires are still parasites. Let the Right One In reveals at its core without the fluff, what the human experience feels like. I rate this film as the best vampire film of the modern era, without a doubt.  ”  - JustJonAllen   2.