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A Calling Lived Out (by Jon Allen)

Recently our church received the announcement that our worship pastor ans his family were being called into a new ministry at a different church. We said our goodbyes this week as they are headed up to Ohio to continue pursuing their call in ministry. The whole experience has made me question what a calling lived out looks like for me. Lets take a quick look at it. See, my first job at a church was at this church as an intern youth pastor. I spent four years as the intern doing very little up front stuff at the church and a heavy load of behind the scenes work. This was where I fell in love with the ministry. I enjoyed being a pastor to students without having all of the responsibility of speaking in front of adults or having to participate in "the show" that was a Sunday morning worship service. My passion was for the daily life with God and my students. I was called away to a new church after those four years. I tried to replicate the up front personality that I h