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A Week of Explaining Myself

I was at a conference last week called Catalyst. It was a 2 day ordeal in Atlanta where some great speakers came and took us on this journey of where the church is headed and just how it's leaders should handle it. When I say the church, i mean the church in general more like Christianity. Some great stuff was said and I still haven't finished learning from what I heard. I had this great week planned tho! I was getting fall break Monday and Tuesday so I thought Wednesday through Friday I would go to my conference and then Friday through Tuesday I would head to Jackson Mississippi with my buddy Brennen straight from the conference to meet our Team for a mission project. But something happened after the conference. We had only begun to leave for Jackson and got into a truck wreck. Everyone was fine but the truck was damaged to badly to drive the rest of the way. We had to make a decision fast, so we chose to come back home to Nashville with some friends that were also in Atlanta