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The Spirit of Nashville

This week a terrible string of tornadoes whirled through middle Tennessee. Nashville was hit hard and so were other areas nearby. It was so sad, 25 lives were lost, many were injured and, hundreds of homes were destroyed. I texted a buddy the morning after the tornadoes came through and asked him if he wanted to join me in ministering to the affected area. I knew some people that lost everything and I figured I could stop at the store and pick up some essentials to help out with the disaster areas. This is the story of what I saw and what God did to Nashville and to my heart this week as told through my TikToks because that is what I use for video editing on my phone. There hasn't been much time to document simply because there is so much work to be done. Day One: starts out like I said with by former student, now intern and great friend in Christ who helped me every single day. I made a video to brag on him for everything he was doing as a young man following Jesus. It also s