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Nearly New Years

For the past six years I have been privileged to be involved with an event called Nearly New Years. It is a long standing tradition that started way before I was working out in Brentwood. A few churches would get together at the end of the year and have a fun night together to celebrate the New Years. The event has been growing and last year we reached about 350 which overcrowded the Brentwood Nazarene Church. In February I took a job at the Franklin Nazarene church just down the road from the Brentwood church. This gave us the perfect location to host this year's Nearly New Years. This was also the first time I was to host the event without my dear friend Jason Underwood. This made me nervous, but I absolutely love this event so I was excited at the same time. I went through all the planning sessions with Derek and Jason, and even brought Daniel our speaker in for one of the planning sessions and yet I was still nervous. It wasn't until the morning of the event that I fina