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Worthless (by Jon Allen)

Today I spent so much time working on STUFF.
I started the day sharing with my Co-Workers what Bible Verse Guides My Life.
We talked about our insecurities and what we believe.
Lately I have been thinking about what really matters to me in this world.
I keep focusing on getting ahead, when I am not even sure what that means anymore.
Its like this: Even if I get the dream home for my wife.
I can put my baby girl in the best school and save up tons of money for her to go to college. I can make it so that my wife and I can retire without a care in the world.
What do I really have?
Why is it so important to me to get to the finish line?

I'm tired. I mean it. I am tired of letting my goals in life get in front of what God wants to do. Come On, do I really believe that God wants nothing more than for me to have a great 401k plan? Tonight I talked with my teen group about being authentic. Tonight I challenge myself to stop being selfish.
What Really Matters to me?
Living Life with God, my f…