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Thanksgiving Time in Music City

The week started off depressing as ever! I still am trying to figure out how in the world I am coming up with the 5 thousand dollars I need to pay for my school. This had me on a continuous roller coaster of sorrow and joy/hope for I knew that 5 grand is a lot of money to raise in such a short time, but I also know that God is good. Some really interesting things happened. My mother offered to sell her boat and give me half of the money towards school. My Fiancee happened to offer me all of the money she had been saving up for our wedding and suggested we could just elope! I then walked into class where I heard a sermon from a student I am in preaching school with that was all about accepting the gifts that God gives you. He was given a car from a family one time because his got wrecked. It really made me think about the offers I had received just the day before. I haven't decided yet if I will be taking my mother or Kari up on those, but I do know that God is good. As the week wen