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Beyond Expectations

This past week I have had the opportunity to work with our students in the south east region of the US. Every year we do an event called TNT@TNU which brings about 2,000 teens to Nashville Tennessee to participate in worship services and competitions that showcase the talents and gifts that God has given them. The theme overall for this event is "From God For God" meaning that we want to take the gifts that we have received from God and use them for God. This event promotes a type of kingdom mindedness that is difficult to find anywhere else. This was my ninth TNT@TNU, three as a high school student and the last six I have spent working the event. Over the past nine years I have developed expectations for what is to happen each year. Most of the time my expectations were met and we called it a success. This year however the event has gone Beyond my expectations. With record attendance, being a part of young people devoting their lives to the ministry, and watching my own

How to Build a Carpetball Table Part 2 (Carpet Ball)

Carpetball is the most fun game in youth ministry right now! You must get one for your youth room if you can! Step 1: Buy Supplies You Will Need To Buy:  Playing Surface   2 :     8x4 Plywood Boards The Thicker The Better, Pine Is Great . Side Rails           2 :    12x1 Foot 1 1/2 Inch Wood Boards Legs                    4:  3 Feet Long 4x4 Posts  For a shorter Table Get Shorter Legs Backstop            1:     8 foot long 12 inch x 1 1/2 inch board  to be cut in half then sized to fit Support Beams     2 :    10 Feet Long 4x4's Carpet Top         1 :     12 Feet Long and 3 Feet Wide  Outdoor Carpet Large Screws     72:     2 1/2 Inch Wood Screws Small Screws     48:     2 Inch Wood Screws Staples             200:     T50 Staples Surface Riser       2:     10 Foot 2x4 Boards Pool Balls            1:     16 Balls Assembly            4: 8 inch Bolts Assembly            4: Washers to fit the bolts Assembly            4: Wing Tipped Nuts That Match The B