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The Spirit?

I have been really trying to figure out what it about watching this video that is so powerful... The Spirit!! Goal?           Be filled with The Spirit as much as possible. So that it overflows into my ministry and everyone I see every day.

I heart U

Tonight we are changing up our worship service here at Gateway Student Ministries. This past Sunday we had a great youth staff meeting. We decided on lots of awesome things to do with the group, one of which is the stylistic change of our Wednesday night service. We are starting worship earlier and putting a huge focus on the hearts of our teens. We want our students to experience a service filled with God's spirit. It is important to me that they leave the Gateway Wednesday night worship service with absolutely no doubt that they just came from a place where they are free and encouraged to worship God and to give him all of their focus. Tonight we are wrapping up the HE>i series. I starting out looking at 1 John 4:4 at a scripture Jason had given to me and when I began to read the chapters around it to gather some context, I felt like I had to switch the focus to 1 John 3:20 If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything