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Why America Is So Obsessed With Apocalypse (by Jon Allen) Part Two

When the prediction is wrong, has the church come out better or worse than if it was never made? I believe that there are some ways in which you can say that a false apocalypse scare can do some good. For example: I think that more people prayed to God during the prediction than did before. I believe that more people actually took a a look at their lives and considered the possibility of the end coming before they had a chance to turn back to God. I even think that it can be good from the stand point of daily living. We are to always be prepared and ready for the return, not just when someone on the radio says that they know the exact date. As Americans we want to schedule everything: Lunch, Meetings, Hair Cuts, Trips, Work, Dinner, etc...   So why not schedule the end of the world as well? It doesn't seem to work that way. There are also a few bad things that come out of a fake apocalypse prediction. First off, it has the ability to make people question God, Scripture and the Ch

Why America Is So Obsessed With Apocalypse (by Jon Allen) Part One

Recent news of the looming apocalypse has gotten America all stirred up. With movies like 2012 and History Channel specials running every other hour, Americans are becoming more and more interested in the Apocalypse. This week, Harold Camping, a "well known" Christian talk radio personality's prediction of the rapture and end of the world has become a central story in the mainstream and social media. People have even sent Camping their entire life savings convinced that this prophecy will come true. It is twenty minutes after the time in which Camping foretold of the Christian rapture, and I am here writing this article. Camping predicted a huge earthquake that would rock the entire world. Throughout the last few days I could not seem to go anywhere without someone making a crack joke at this prediction and the end of the world. I want to deal with a few things in this article. The first I want to cover is: why exactly people are so willing to buy into apocalypse predicti

The Red Letters of Christ (by Jason Underwood)

This article comes to us from Pastor Jason Underwood. You can find this and more writing on his BLOG ! The Red Letters of Christ Last week we started a series called Thats what He said.  We began looking at the Red letters of Christ.  The thing is when you begin to read the red letters you begin to see a theme.  Jesus cared for “The least of these” or the untouchables. The church has just now begun to wake up to our role in the world, we are global citizens living in a very connected world.  We can not stand on the sidelines and remark on all that is going on around us without taking a stance.  I admit am a country boy at times with a small country mindset and thinking, I typically used to and sometimes still do refer to things in other countries as “over there” everything that is not in America is “over there” But I have become more understanding as I read what He said…that “over there” has a face, and a name…many times over there are “the least of these…the “untoucha

Osama Bin Laden, Justice and Teenagers

Tonight as I logged on Facebook, I started seeing comments like: "Turn on the news" or "He is Dead" Sure enough when I flipped on the television, there it was. Osama Bin Laden was killed by American ground forces in Pakistan. I watched the President's speech live and had some chatter with people online about the ordeal. I watched as thousands of people gathered in public places to celebrate. I watched countless comments fly on Twitter and Facebook. Most were very positive. What interested me the most out of all the conversations going on were the Trevecca students that were saying very different things about the situation. They were talking about God's grace and quoting scriptures like: "As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Ezekiel 33:11" "Don't rejoice when your enemies fall; don't be happy when they stumble. Proverbs