See Soul Surfer (by Jon Allen)

My buddy Jason and I took our youth groups tonight to see the movie "Soul Surfer". It was a great time. The reason I recommend you take your youth group to see the movie can be summed up in one word: Priorities.
The story is amazing and the acting is great, but everything seems to sink away as you are drawn into the world of this teenage girl.
Her hopes become the viewer's hopes. It builds a sort of straw man in a way. You as the viewer also buy into the dream of her becoming a professional surfer. All the while she passes by opportunities to focus on the "real" important things in life.

Through all of the scenes that will make you cry, eventually you will begin to pull for this great surfing family. The entire family, guided by their faith in God, begins to see order being birthed from the chaotic waters. After the movie is over, your teenagers will be asking themselves some of these questions:
What is really important to me in life?
How can God use me to change the world?
In the midst of my personal tragedy, where is God's redemptive work being done? 

Go see the movie!
Until Next Time -Just Jon 


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