The NYC Trading Post

Today Mac, Christian and I decided to begin trading our NYC 2011 Swag! At the end of the night we decided to post here a picture of the items that we acquired! We have many multiples but it is important to note that we each only started out with our Tennessee Swag bags which include: a bag, a fan that lights up, a flash light, a Tennessee shirt, a regional shirt, a horn (The annoying ones), A Trevecca Lanyard, a towel, sunglasses and a headband. From there we acquired an amazing amount of items for which we have developed a point system and we want to share it with you. Here is the Official NYC TRADING POST!

The Yum Cup: 20 Points Available in the Yum Center for $5.50
Hawaiian Beaded Necklace: 100 Points (Took forever to get one)

Trevecca Lanyard: 25 Points
SNU VIP Lanyard: 50 Points
West Virginia South Lanyard: 40 Points
Tennessee Horn: 100 Points
SWO Light-up Key-chain: 55 Points
TNU Staff Beach Party T-Shirt
Butler High School All Purpose Tool: 100 Points
School giveaway from community workday.
Tennessee Headband: 60 Points
Tennessee Sunglasses Blue: 55
Tennessee Flashlight: 35 Points
Canada Trucker Hat: 100 Points
Green Tennessee Swag Bag: 25 points
Tennessee Light-Up Fan: 50 Points if working 10 if broken
Hawaii Luau T-Shirt: 75 Points
Trevecca Park Ranger T-Shirt: 15 Points
East Michigan Jersey: 100 Points

SNU VIP T-Shirt: 80 Points
SWO Bag: 15 Points
Tennessee Towel: 20 Points
Blue Tennessee District Shirt: 60 Points
Red Boston T-Shirt: 30 Points
Lanyard Collection (Every Lanyard at NYC): 500 Points
Mt. Vernon Lanyard: 5 Points
Point Loma Lanyard: 45 Points
Olivet Lanyard 40 Points
SNU GREY Lanyard: 30 Points
North West Lanyard: 25 Points
Ambrose Lanyard: 60 Points
MNU Lanyard: 30 Points
P&B Lanyard: 40 Points
Toby Mac Bracelet: 90 Points
Blue Virginia Bracelet: 85 Points
South East Region Shirt: 10 Points
Yellow NYC Jersey: 65 Points
Windy City Shirt: 45 Points
NYC SHIRT: 35 Points
Olivet NYC Shirt: 55 Points
Youth Partners Coaster: 15 Points
 South Texas Bag: 75 Points
NYC Bag: 10 Points
South Texas Shirt: 60 Points
White Tennessee Bag: 25 Points
Youth Camps Bag: 10 Points
Buttons: 15 Points Per
Brentwood, Tennessee NYC Shirt: 80 Points (Louisville is misspelled)
Fat Persons Tennessee Shirt (2x-4x only comes in this color): 70 Points
Green Sunglasses Tennessee: 35 Points
Lay from Southeast Region Party: 20 Points
Purples Tennessee Glasses: 60 Points

That's it for the trading post tonight. We will see you tomorrow! Good Luck Trading and happy NYC 2 days left! Until Next Time -Just Jon


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