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Youth Story started out in October 2010 as the personal online journal of Jon Allen called Just Jon's Journey. I wrote mainly of my experiences going from a high school student, with a calling into youth ministry, to being a Pastor. Mainly I still use this website as a journal to sort of keep a record of the experiences that a young youth pastor will go through. My hope is that other young pastors or even students with a calling into the ministry will find some direction or wisdom from reading my story. Other times however I try to give an extra voice to some of the youth pastors I find online that have something to say that I feel could use a bigger audience. This isn't really a website that wants to sell you anything (except carpetball tables). This site also isn't designed to give you a lesson to teach each week or anything like that. My goal for this website now is to put my thoughts out about youth culture as it is ever changing. I also want to stay focused on how God is using youth to accomplish work for his kingdom!

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