Dear Daily Diary

Today was an interesting day. I woke up a bit later than I wanted to because I had trouble sleeping. No bed to sleep in kinda kills the good night's rest thing. I waited for Kari to get home from her accounting adventures for the day. Then we took off to church. There's a lot of prep work to have done today for our special event tomorrow night. It's this event called a nearly new years lock in. We have like fifteen other churches from all around Tennessee bring their youth groups in. We do a worship service with a guest speaker, then head off to go bowling, laser tag, ice skating, broom hockey, basketball and dodge-balling. So this year we are adding pizza and a concert  for them. I took Kari to the church around 12:30 and Lisa and Angie were there taking down the Christmas tree. I had a list of things I wanted to get done and tried to make it through the progression. I got the pizzas ordered for the lock-in, but I failed at my goal of getting the pizzas at 5 bucks per from the Papa John's guy. I promised Kari that we would go to the mall to return some stuff from Christmas and possibly use our gift cards. Soooo it ended up taking us forever to get out of there. Let me say this, shopping for jeans when you have gained a little weight recently is plain awful. We finally get back to the church around four o clock and are ready to move the pews out of the way for the service tomorrow night. As I am walking in, Annie our children's pastor is walking out and tells me that there is a divorce class going on in the sactuary. So I have to get up early tomorrow morning to finish moving the pews.

I took Kari to Tony's after church and it was awesome. Tony's is a little shop across from the church where the owner "Tony" really takes care of you when you come in. He gave us like 2 chili cheese hot dogs, fries, a salad and an order of chili cheese fries and barely charged us for any of it. He turned on his stereo system extremely loud and played some air guitar for us while we dined. Kari seemed to have a mixed feeling about our little dinner experience. I stopped by to get some stuff from my dorm room because I am moving out of my mom's house Thursday. When I got home my grandparents and Uncle were over trying to calm my mom down. Kelli and her friend had ran off and caused some sort of drama. You start to get numb to the craziness after a while. Once that was settled I took some time to sit and talk with my mom. I had a good talk with her. Overall it was a pretty good day, I can't wait for tomorrow though. I am still praying for a place to serve soon. May the Lord be with you -Just Jon


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