How far do you go to impress your youth group?

I just want to make a few quick comments on this! First off Props to Dave for going for the wheelie with only five feet of slack! Secondly even though it is totally embarrassing, I'm betting next weeks turnout to see how Pastor Dave tops this joyride is pretty high. If Dave still works there..... But seriously where can you draw the line and say hey man that's just a bad idea.

Now on to other business. Today I took my search for a place to serve to the next level. I went down the street unannounced and walked into some churches. I met a guy named Mike. He works as a Jr. High Pastor here in Antioch. This church as pretty cool. Not only was  it in Antioch which is a plus, but it also was diverse! He said there were 11 different countries of origin attending and he had been working there 9 years if my memory serves me correctly. We talked about what all is going on in Antioch as far as youth ministry and plan to have lunch with him and another staff member. He gave me a tour of his church and it was awesome. They had a lounge for new people to meet with the staff after the service on Sunday, and also had some amazing facilities for their children and youth. Mike's opinion was that the reason his church has grown so much lately is because of how much of an emphasis they put on the children and youth of the community. I agree with mike. So if there is a lesson to my blog post this time I guess it would be this: You could maybe do some short term growth stunts with a motorcycle crashing into your sanctuary wall or you can have a church that is willing to do whatever it takes to support the growth of their young people. I guess you could even do both! But that's just crazy :)   God Bless -Just Jon


  1. Hello Bro, I like this blog very much... continue to serving God by doing this great ministry..Great Job! GOD BLESS!


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