Fly Fall or Faith

I shot for the sky!
I'm stuck on the ground.
So why do I try?
I know I'm gonna fall down.
I thought I could fly!
So why did I drown?
I'll never know why
It's coming down down down.....
-Jason Walker

Sometimes we fail and that's OK. It didn't used to be something I accepted, failure that is. So where do we go from that moment when we realize that our feet are stuck on the ground? This week has been one of those feet on the ground times. I've been swamped with school work, a sister struggling in the hospital, weddings, preaching, and moving out for Christmas. All the while celebrating my 23rd birthday. I had to take a look at myself, what were my goals? and at the age of 23 how close am I to accomplishing them? I dunno the answers... my goals are different now and maybe my mindset has changed too. Its not so much about flying as it is learning to fly. This is why I celebrate the journey. I know its going somewhere but I'm going to focus on how I'm getting there for now. I'll probably re-evaluate later but for now, I'll be just fine!


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