Is the Hospital a Healthy Home?

Hospital cafeteria food isn't as bad as I imagined it... Unfortunately the hospital still is as bad of a place as I remember it to be.You can't ever get used to tragedy or suffering, but you can become numb to it. I have been walking down the halls each day seeing people bedridden with life threatening illnesses. I can't imagine being the one stuck in that bed. Yet my younger sister remains there still. Her battle with a brain tumor has provided her with a serious list of complications. I'll spare the reader the long list but please pray for her if you happen to be reading this. My sister's name is Kelli and she is struggling with losing her eyesight permanently and also having another brain surgery Thursday. I know the hospital will never be a home for her but for now its where she stays. I guess it's up to my family and church family to make it a healthy home for her. As for me, Yesterday's preaching went well. I started preaching to an amazing church and quickly realized this church needed to hear something that just wasn't in my notes so I tossed them aside and told them about God's faithfulness to those who are faithful and steadfast for him. It was a great experience and I met some people that have been struggling very hard to continue to live out the gospel for the sake of their community. Then of course came the big 50th year anniversary wedding ceremony! That was great too. I truly got to see the effect my grandparents have had on so many people throughout their lives. Still I leave every situation yesterday understanding that God is good. The snow storm got us into a bit of trouble, Kari got stuck in it and had to be rescued. I slipped all around the road barely making it home. Everything though has been underneath the suffering that my sister's tragic circumstance has brought upon the family. I promise though no matter what happens here we will be able to proclaim at the end of the day that God is good. How do we even begin to understand why bad things happen to good people? The only thing I know is when those bad things do happen, we are presented with an opportunity to show the love of God to each other which somehow gives hope to even the worst of situations. Until next time with much love! Just_Jon


  1. I kind of stumbled upon your blog, and just wanted you to know that it was encouraging to read of your strength and faith in the Lord. My mom has cancer, and so I know what it is like to have someone youre close to become very sick. I pray that the Lord will give you and your family many little blessings during the hard times that you face, and that you will never cease to have the joy in the Lord that you have here. Glory to God forever, Amen. :) Keep running.


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