Sneak Peak Nashville Rises Film

I remember the flood as if it were yesterday. I was on the Trevecca hilltop as the rain began to pour. Soon enough I found myself out in the neighborhood behind the school watching as a raging river birthed through granting no pardon to homes, cars or people in it's path of destruction. It were as if I was watching history develop in front of my eyes but instead of a historical time line unfolding, I was in the middle of one of those disaster movies where nature was fighting back against man. I stood there watching as a home was slowly swept away brick by brick, the residents looked on from across the street helplessly. They gazed at what was left of their home as their life's possessions floated down a stream that had taken the place of where their home stood just hours before. I wondered what would the story be? Does this go down as an awful tragedy something like a small scale Katrina? Does this moment define Nashville? What really happened in May of 2010 in Nashville Tennessee? How did the story end?


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