Who Can Forget?

The past four years have honestly been the best and most unforgettable years of my life. I have spent them as a college student, a brother, a son, and a youth worker. This week I am accepting a job at a new church. Although this is a great thing, it also comes as a bittersweet moment. It means that I have to leave Brentwood Student Ministries. I have spent four years working with youth at Brentwood, where I trademarked the phrase "Intern Jon". I wanted to write this blog so that I could document some of the greatest memories that I have made here at Brentwood. I have met so many great teenagers in the last four years, and seen many of them give their lives to Christ. So without further a due, here is the story of Intern Jon at BCN.

A few months after I started at Brentwood, we took our first group of kids to camp. We had five teens and four adult sponsors, which is a typical ratio at BCN. We love our teens! As you can see by the shirts we made that night, we decided then and their that our youth group would become a family. This theme is still something that you are likely to hear on anygiven Wednesday night. This camp picture includes: Jason, Jon, Patrick, Annie, Drake, Kelsey, Patience, Tanner, and David.

This photo shows what could be one of my greatest ideas ever. We created a slide of mattresses down the staircase on our ski trip in 2008, I believe. There are a ton of these pics on Facebooks all over. In this photo is Jason and a bunch of other kids waiting their turn to go down the slide! This picture illustrates a lot of what Jason and mine's relationship has been like for the past few years. I come up with some far out there ideas and Jason lets me know if it's good or not. This one was definitely good!

This picture shows how much fun we like to have on the lake! Nowadays we take a fleet of ships out for breakaway. Hopefully Jason will trust Mark and Lance to drive a wave-runner again "someday".Breakaway was the best trip that our group took. The students were able to forget all the distractions in life and just Focus on God and their youth family. In this picture are: Jon, Jason, Tanner, Sammy, Daniel, AJ, Drake, Patience, Rebekah?, and Justin?

Ahh the old Bull! Before we could afford a "real" mechanical bull at our fall festival we had the barrel tied to a tree at the Underwood Ranch. You are lucky to walk away from this Bull with no injuries! AJ is on the bull and I am in front giving him the ride. Can't see the guys face in the back, could be Mark or maybe Jason. Also could have been Bennett

This was my semi successful idea of an Air-soft Ministry. This was the first group we ever had to play. Before the Logan's windshield incident. This actually was one of the most fun things we did at BCN if you ask me :) Here we have: Taylor, Jason, Caleb, Mac, Hailey, Caitlin, Tanner, Drew, Rebekah, Camile or Jillian, and Tanner's Friend.

Flamingo Night! This was a unique fundraiser that seriously wasn't my idea but I wish it was. The idea was either you pay us money or we stick pink flamingos in your yard. This one was fun! Here we have: Jon, Lance, Katie, Brennen, Jordan, Jen, Patience, Jason D, and 2 friends.

Our group loves to slip and slide! We even built them on our church property a few times. This picture was at a camp we did behind Trevecca. In this picture is Tanner, Jason Brennen and Mac. Probably a lot more but thats all I can see.

Anyone that was on this trip knows how funny this was. Especially if you remember the ladder! We had just gotten done painting a house and the rain poured. It probably ruined the work we were doing. I'll never forget the long talks with the guys in the steam-room of the hotel down in Orlando. In this picture are: Jon, Tanner, Bette, Christina, Bennett, Jillian, Elise, Glenna and more.

Here a few more pictures of tons of people from recent trips, if you would like to take a further trip down memory lane.

So there's to much to mention even if I made the blog fifty pages long. The thing I really want you to know though is this. No matter where life takes us, or what happens I will always love you. You can call me anytime. I can't wait to hear stories about where life has taken you. We will forever be a family. God has a plan for each and everyone of you. I want you to be bold for God. Each of you has a role to play at Brentwood Church the Nazarene. I hope that you will use this opportunity to step up and be a leader in the youth group! Remember to keep the main thing, the main thing. There is so much work to do for the Kingdom. "I love you and there's several things you can do about it? -Drake"

With the most love possible, Sincerely -Just Intern Jon


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