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So with the new job at the Franklin Nazarene Church, I have a new youth room. My best friend Drew also was just given a new youth room as his group outgrew their meeting area. Both of us have a TON of work to do on our rooms. The difference is that my youth room is like 40x15 feet and his youth building is like 6000x23923 feet. I actually don't know the size of his, but it is huge. We worked on both rooms today, my buddy Jason whom I used to work with at Brentwood came over and gave me some ideas on what to do with my new room. I have also been doing some research on the internet trying to find a style that I like. I think that my new churches youth room is coming along great. I have decided to split one room as the "game room" with the air-hockey tables/Foosball and whatever. Then I would have the main/larger room as a purely worship centered atmosphere. By the way, what are worship colors and what are game colors? I need to know that. We are planning a pretty decent launch to the Youth Ministry in Franklin, and I am very excited. Drew has this incredibly great blessing from God and some old fellow that owns like half of his town. Check out a picture of just one of his 3 massive youth rooms. Now its a fixer upper, but it has amazing potential. He has grown his group like 10x in one year. Not to shabby for a part time guy. God truly does bless the faithful. Until next time -Just Jon


  1. Nice space. You can do a lot with it. I've been building some youth space into our old classrooms with fresh paint, furniture I build from ikea, walmart and thrift stores, and some fun design work. We now have the "Green Room" the "Purple Room" and the "Gathering Room" which all are rooms around the "Youth Donut". I love it.


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