Bridging the Gap?

So I got hired at a new church recently. For the last four years I spent working with youth, I was at a church with the average age of a member being at about thirty-five. This new church which is the same denomination, in pretty much the same community (3.1 miles down the road) has an average age of about sixty-five. I started thinking lately about the major differences I am experiencing with the congregation at my new church. Why is the older generation so turned off by the younger one? Looking back on Craig's sermon a few months ago, gave me almost an instructional video on how to bridge the gap. The key being the older generation must "love and invest in the younger generation" and the younger generation must "Honor the older generation". This was seriously one powerful and healing message. If you would like to hear the entire thing click here! You do have to purchase it :(
Well the first Wednesday night service in the new church was great! Can't wait for next week we have Matt Morgan coming in to lead worship! Until Next Time -Just Jon


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