Idea for Youth Groups (by Jon Allen)

Youth Group Play-List

How much money do you normally spend on prizes for your youth games such as "Minute to Win It"?

My answer was like 1-5$. So this prize is always under $2 and you never have to go to the store to get it!

A few months ago I had this idea to give away a new type of prize. Today I want to share this idea with you because it is awesome!

The point is, when the students win a game and you offer them a prize, you want them to be excited about the prize. (Trust me this prize gets them excited) So I came up with the idea of allowing them to pick any Approved! song off of i-tunes to be downloaded and added to the youth group play-list as their prize. What this means is that our youth group has it's own i-pod! When we go on trips it is all we listen to and also when we are hanging around the church, the music on this i-pod is the music in the background. After a few months of doing it this way, you come up with a great list of approved songs totally generated by your students so that you know they will enjoy them. They also feel as if they have contributed something into the group that is going last for a long time! Thus creating the perfect prize!
Thank me later Love ya -Just Jon


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  2. Good stuff, Jon, good stuff. Our FCOF youth have a gift in you. Keep it relevant to Youth and keep it centered around Jesus.

    Randy Shaw

  3. Thank you Randy. I really enjoy working with there with you and Ronnie.


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