Coming To Town (part 1 of 3)

Tonight we start our three part Christmas youth series called "Coming To Town".

My main objective for this series is to give my students a very clear picture of who God has revealed himself to be through the birth of Jesus.

We start off tonight by introducing the promises made in the Old Testament by God.  Jeremiah 23:5 & 2 Samuel 7:16 & Isaiah 49:6 Three different scriptures and books that all tell us the plans that God has to come through the line of David and how Salvation is also for the Gentiles and shall reach to the "ends of the earth".

God revealed his intentions to us in the Old Testament and we can continue to see God's plan in the New Testament as we take a look at Luke chapter 1. Then we can take a look at John 1:1-16 where we will find that Jesus is the light of the world and has been since the beginning.

Key points:

  • God loves all of his people and has plans for them to have a future in his kingdom that will never end.
  • God became flesh because of his love for us
  • Jesus comes to give us the right to become children of God

Next week we take a look at the earthly circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth and who the man Jesus was.

Until Next Time -Just Jon



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