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  1. Sun Yue two big idiosyncratic Rangjili is plunged into in A of sufficient China male basket be not him to not be belonged to
    Sport netDispatch on August 11, chinese team was greeted current inferior bright and beautiful contest the Lebanon of the 2nd adversary that group of the 2nd level surpasses, final male basket with adversary of win by a narrow margin of 3 minutes of advantages.
    Two team mutual not unfamiliar, the Fuleijie of Lebanon ever had hit a ball in CBA, return and most to should cross [url=]air jordan size 15[/url] teammate in team of showing tremendous enthusiasm greatly, in those days the first small forward of Asian in Hadibu and Chinese team be the old rival on Asian competition ground to team member very. One begin, both sides changes you come my go toing, uncensored opens fine long hair will come. If say Fuluoman + the new-style weapon that NBA double tower of Fuleijie is Lebanon, so Hadibu is this the groovy weapon of Zhi Xiya wolf. So Zhi Lian defies nationalization planted agent is one big hotspot, so Hadibu and China are picked 3 battle of wits fights brave is another big hotspot. Chinese team 3 attack see rain of 8 Zhu Fang, defend those who be about to see 9 Sun Yue.
    Because score is bitten more closely, sun Yue is in 1 minute of Zhong Cai enters the court the first finally, stare at prevent dagger of line of adversary sharp edge to with a ha carry cloth, defend for the first time after the success, sun Yue receives Hu Xuefeng to pass a ball, sun Yue rides absolutely the both hands of dirt quick attack that finish is cruel buckle. Contrapuntal Hadibu can of Sun Yue of watch sb go awayBuckle basket. Plug and Play, it is the biggest characteristic of Sun Yue.
    The 2nd at the beginning, sun Yue stays attendant on hit 3. After 1 minute of 20 seconds, zhu Fang rain is replaced dozen full the first Wang Shipeng, sun Yue takes up the post of 2 again. In 3 minutes of right-and-left time that Sun Yue defends, hadibu was not gotten. Sun Yue is dozen of room one's previous experience but mix by right of outstanding height defend consciousness, sun Yue still can be competent notch the position of full back and small forward. Current inferior bright and beautiful contest, sun Yue hits most is the position it is small forward, hit in Chinese team especially double when accusing to defend, sun Yue is attendant and OK the speed that makes sure Chinese line exterior line defends and height. All-round is the 2nd characteristic of Sun Yue.
    When the 2nd undertakes, lebanon center nots planted agent of Lei Jie swipe, be given birth to by Sun Yue press below. But had turned round to come, as a result of,Chinese team is in in aggression Sun Yue's hesitation, chinese group appeared 24 seconds attack breach of rules, this also is Chinese team current game first time appears 24 seconds are the circumstance of the exemple. Know Sun Yue can dribble, can secondary attack, can jump, but dribble center is high, the protection of team ball is insufficient; Can secondary attack, but lack experience to passing the alternative of ball course, still do not understand the habit receiving a ball of teammate, quality of Sun Yue that pass a ball does not calculate tall; Can jump, can contribute wonderful close over constantly, but also can be used to cause by adversary foul.
    Sun Yue is in the 4th second half paragraph a few times constituent not do one's best also makes Chinese team is attacked for many times without result and hair, gave adversary the chance of impendent score. This cannot blame Sun Yue completely, allow full-court competition the Sun Yue of not very dribble goes to the 4th most the moment of truth will accuse a ball to cross half of a game or contest, the bishop's experienced arrangement also has particular problem.
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