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Wednesday, I was leaving my hairdresser’s parking lot and pulled over to check my GPS for the nearest Walmart. A car pulled up behind me, so I rolled down my window to wave him by me. There was plenty of room.
Instead of going around, the driver laid down on his horn with a steady blaring.
Now I was juggling a call from my husband’s nurse, the GPS was yacking, and the horn from the car behind me kept on. Then something began to hit my car. The driver behind me had started throwing coins at my car, a few at a time, repeatedly.
I finished up the call with Steve’s nurse, turned off my GPS and got out of the car to go apologize to the driver. (Later, my husband told me that was a dumb move but..whatever.) As I walked back to his car, turns out he was a Papa John’s Pizza dude in full uniform with shirt and hat. But, instead of listening to my apology, he yelled out his window, “You f…ing c…; what the hell is wrong with you?” and tore off around me and my car – which he could have done in the first place.
Wow. As a good Christian Southern woman, I’m not used to being treated like that. Right about then, I looked up and what did I see about 300 ft down in the strip mall? A Papa John’s.
Yes, I went into the store. The driver wasn’t there,  I told the store manager my story and then went about the rest of my day. (In case you’re wondering, no – he didn’t offer me a free pizza. Yes, I received a call from the district guy and the main office people.)
The point? For me, its to examine whether the “hat” I’m wearing matches what I’m saying. I don’t mean the actual clothes. Do I send mixed signals when I’m “off duty” about my faith and my God to the community I encounter? What if I’m rude or impatient to the hotel desk clerk when I’m checking in and then he asks me if I’m there on business and who I work for? That makes me no better than the pizza guy.
Take what you want from this for you and your ministry.


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