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I’ve been thinking about worship, recently. I have to say, I’ve been a bit convicted and challenged to think specifically about our worship in the context of the Sunday morning service. While browsing through Youtube, I came across this video. I watched the video. Then, I watched it again. And, I watched it again. Here, take a look…

Were you moved? Do you have the overwhelming desire to sit on the floor and pour out your heart?
I wonder if we too often make worship about us. As a pastor, responsible for preparing and planning the “worship service” I often struggle with idea of worship. I sometimes find myself thinking about song choices asking, “We they like this song?” Or, “Have we song this one too much, lately?”
I worry about their response, “Will it move them?” “Will it cause them to reflect, respond, reconnect with God?”
Then there are the times when I try to set the mood. I look to create an atmosphere of “worship” like it’s something you infuse into the air so those gather could breathe in the worship.
In the end, I find myself attempting to lead a group of people before the throne of the Creator, only to be left behind because I am too worried about everything accept my worship.
As I watched the video with Will Reagan, I was reminded that worship isn’t a thing. It’s not a song or how well the band plays. Worship is not getting the people to sing and love the song choices. Worship our expression of love towards God. Our worship should be birthed out of our desire to honor God. It’s simple. Honest. Passionate. Organic.
I love the atmosphere that the video presents. The candles, the dim lighting. I love that the band is sitting around the room and that the worshippers are scatter around them. I love the idea of community as believers give themselves to the Lord. But mostly what I love is that I want to worship God with more abandon, more passion, and more love that with what I do now.
When the worship leader takes the “stage” do you hope he plays a certain song? Or maybe doesn’t play a particular song? Do you worry about how loud or talented the band is? If those are your thoughts, you might want to rethink how and why you worship.
- jay


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