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I came across this a while back, I keep finding myself asking this question every week. What is the real role of a youth worker?? I don't agree 100% with her but there are some great points that she makes that have changed what I believe in this talk.

The role needs to be completely re-imagined, re-invisioned and redefined.

For me, at my church, where I am, it makes it easy for me. I have no real standard of expectations on my work as a youth pastor. I left the youth pastor role a ways back. Now what I am is up for great debate. The one point that I see myself in line with from this talk is the idea that I am more than a programmer. I am more than someone who designs a one size fits all service or ministry. I am the one who moves throughout. I want to be the one that works hard to build the relationship with each student, that lets me minister in a way that shows individual care and love for each student. I have a deep passion to find those on the fringe and then to find their friends too and make sure they know there is a family, a church family that wants and love them.

OK so I fail a lot but I won't give up. Every student matters.
What type of title is for a person like this?

"That Guy" or "oh that's Just Jon"
:) until next time.............    /\


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