Carpetball Rules

How To Play Carpetball
  1. Each player begins by setting up their billiard balls behind the line. Each player may choose how they set them up.
  2. The defending champion rolls first. The objective of the throw is to knock as many of the opponent's balls into the pit as possible.
  3. The challenger then rolls with the same objective. Rotate back and forth until one player has no balls left.
  4. If the challenger is left with no balls first, then they have one final chance to take out their opponent's balls.
  5. If the champion runs out of balls first, they are immediately eliminated and a new challenger enters the game.
  6. If the challenger manages to strike back and knock all of the champion's balls from the table they both place one ball on the table and have a sudden death runoff with the same rules as before. Each time the game ties both players add an extra ball until all balls have been placed back on the table.
  7. Any ball that flies off of the table shall result in the thrower losing one of their balls.
  8. Any ball rolled short and not making it into the pit does not receive a re-roll.
  9. No player shall move their balls once the game has begun. 


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